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There are 2 strands to this ministry: reaching out, and building up. We are always looking for ways to share the gospel message with the retired community. And have recently began a programme of outreach at the sheltered accommodation complex opposite church. Our events aim to be interesting and stimulating, and always contain a clear Gospel presentation linked to the theme. We͛ve done things like ͚Growing Up in Hull͛, as well as celebrating Festivals like Harvest and Christmas. A small team from St John͛s comes with me, and we are building relationships with the residents, as well as giving away Gospel resources. We have been able to run both the ͚Identity͛ course, and then Christianity Explored, and we are thankful to God that some residents have started to come over to church on a Sunday.

Our monthly ͚Wednesday at 10͛ group draws in seniors from across the parish for a program that helps them to think Christianly about matters of belief and behaviour, and to honour Christ in the particular season of life and health that they face. This programme is interweaved with the parish wide seniors outreach which recently included a trip to Epworth, the home of the Wesley͛s. We are able to present the Gospel on these occasions through testimonies and talks given on the coach!

Once a year we run Holiday at Home, a fun day of themed activities and up front quizzes and talks. This year we went on a virtual cruise around the world! But there is scope for so much more.

All of this work is underpinned by the desire to love and care for all of our older members. Please pray that our retired members will have the gospel convictions and courage they need to speak about Jesus and invite their peers to the events and activities we run, and also that we can increasingly mobilise the church members to care for the practical and spiritual needs of the seniors.