Give thanks for the many children and young people who regularly attend groups where they can learn about Jesus. Pray that they will be open to both hear and understand the gospel message and will have the confidence to talk about Jesus with their friends. As many children have recently moved up groups, pray that they will settle in well and will look forward to coming back after the summer break. Pray for the leaders and volunteers who will work with the children during the school holidays, that they will be imaginative and enthusiastic in their preparations, encouraging the children to grow in faith. Pray too for the holiday clubs held during the first and last weeks of the holiday. Pray that many children, particularly those from families who are not Christian, will come along and will want to continue learning about Jesus afterwards. Pray for Heather and her team of volunteers who will lead the activities and that all the necessary resources can be found. Pray too that through the children, parents will want to start bringing their children to church and will themselves want to know more about Jesus. Pray also for children going to Christian camps, that they will grow in faith and make strong and lasting friendships.