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Summer Holiday Club Recap

Posted on 6th September 2016 by Jan Draper

We spent two weeks of the summer holidays with over 140 children having fun and exploring who Jesus is. The theme this year was Treasure Hunters and we had great fun dressing up as pirates!

The whole church was converted into a desert island complete with pirate ship. There were opportunities for the children to play games, make crafts, sing songs packed with gospel truth and to hear a Bible story each day.

Holiday club is a fantastic opportunity to reach out into the community and we have many people who come who are not a part of our church family. Children come from many different backgrounds and so it is great to be able to offer this club free of charge, so thank you for your support in making this possible.

We also run a big barbeque at the end of each week to give us more opportunities to connect with the parents. It is our prayer that the children go home talking about what they have learnt about Jesus, particularly those who are from unchurched homes, and the barbeque gives us a chance to reinforce this.

Please pray that those who have come to the club remember the fun they had at holiday club and might want to come and join us on Sundays or midweek for some of our clubs, but mostly that they would remember what they have learnt about our saviour Jesus.