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History of Friends of St John's

Posted on 29th June 2016 by Jan Draper

The idea for the Friends of St Johns started in the early summer of 2015 when Melvin had a vision to create a network of people, beyond its members, who would be able to support the ministry of St Johns.

The church has grown significantly over recent years and its range of ministries extended. But we want to do so much more in our City of Hull, and beyond. As well as relying on the prayer and financial support of its members, the idea of the Friends of St Johns is to create a much wider network of people who have some association with the church, for example were past members or know people who attend, and to garner their support (prayer and financial) to continue to develop and extend our reach into the surrounding communities.

A small team has been working since the summer of 2015 to take forward this initiative. This has involved developing a website that explains the Friends of St Johns, including making short videos about the different ministry areas in the church. We have also developed a short promotional video that will sit on the website that outlines the ‘Friends’ vision, clearly locating it in the context of the City of Hull and those communities surrounding the church.

The website points people to areas that need prayer, to seek God’s guidance as to how we can continue to minister in this place. It also includes a simple way to make a donation to financially support the work of the church. We will be keeping the information on the website up to date and letting people know how their prayers and money have been used to support God’s work at St Johns.

We would love for as many people to become ‘Friends’ and to be part of an exciting initiative that we pray will see God’s love and His Word reach more of our needy communities.