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Welcome to the Friends of St Johns...

This is a new initiative designed to create a network of people who will create a wider support base for the ministry from St Johns Newland.

St John Newland is a vibrant Anglican Evangelical church in the middle of one of the most ‘unchurched’ cities in the UK. With its three aims of reaching out, building up and sending out, the church has seen considerable growth over the last few years with nearly 400 people attending our different congregations (and over 90 children), with varied activities for diverse groups and a focus on community action.

However, we are not complacent and there is a need to reach to more unchurched youth, to more of our community and to train future leaders.

With your help this will be possible. We do need financial support but most of all we need prayers. As a friend of St Johns this could be your way of investing in God’s Kingdom in this place.

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